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Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

  • Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments make an assessment of the likely impact of a development on the landscape and visual amenity
  • The assessment methodology follows the guidance from the Landscape Institute and Institute of Environmental Management
  • The appointments also included the preparation of planting proposals to accompany the schemes

Health Centre, Sudbury, Suffolk

  • Proposed new health Centre situated at the edge of town
  • The site is allocated for built development but for a different use class
  • A Registered Park and Garden and two Listed Buildings are situated 400 metres from the site
  • The assessment identified the likely effects of the proposed development upon the landscape and visual amenity and landscape mitigation measures

Abbey Farm Commercial Park, Norfolk

  • Proposed extension to commercial park situated on the edge of Conservation Area and close to a Scheduled Monument and two Grade I Listed Buildings
  • The appointment involved working with the planning and design team to advise on siting, design and mitigation measures for both a Local Development Framework submission and planning application
  • The building was sited away from the important heritage assets, the building design included a green sedum roof and substantial new landscape planting accompanied the scheme.

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment